The time has come to take stock of how some organizations are shaping up in the Minor Leagues. With a good amount of data out for 2021, there have been some early-season breakouts. While the typical caveat of a small sample size always applies, it would be wise to notice some trends taking place. Not every prospect with a gaudy slash line will sustain the production. But it is worth noting when players are showing noticeable statistical improvements. In many cases, we haven’t had eyes on these players for over a year. There are bound to be some surprises, likely more so than a traditional year.

When taking on this project, it seemed simple enough. Rank the top 20 prospects in each organization from a dynasty perspective. I took this on as a solo project because I thought it would be a helpful way to keep track of all the lists I was posting on Twitter throughout the off-season. I didn’t fully appreciate how intensive it is to keep up with every organization at the same time. In hindsight, there’s probably a reason most lists like this are released in the winter when everyone has time to catch their breath. With games actively taking place, it can be a monumental task to keep up with all the movement.

Originally the plan was to display all 30 organizations at once. That turned out to be more difficult than I had anticipated. I had a grandiose vision of what this could look like with all the team colors but there is probably a good reason I have never seen what I was picturing in my mind. So to make the material more digestible for myself and the reader, I have decided to display organizational rankings by each division. I was able to give more individual time to each team rather than trying to juggle all 30 organizations at once.

I will begin the series focusing on the AL West. I am familiar with the history and dynamics of the division living near the Seattle area for the better part of my life. The division is up for grabs over the next decade, and several of the players on these lists will play a crucial role in determining which organization comes out on top. There is plenty of high-level talent scattered throughout these organizations located at every level throughout the Minor Leagues.

Just like a dynasty list, these rankings are a snapshot in time. They are constantly evolving as breakouts happen, players under-perform expectations, and perspectives shift. You could ask 100 people to rank each organization, and their lists might all look a little different. I hope you enjoy this and will check out the upcoming divisions. The idea is to keep these updated regularly when graduations, promotions, and perspectives shift.



Pedro Leon1SSAAA22
Forrest Whitley2RHPAAA23
Jeremy Pena3SSAA23
Hunter Brown5RHPAA22
Brett Conine4RHPAAA24
Joe Perez63BAA21
Alex Santos II7RHPA19
Richi Gonzalez8OFR18
Jairo Solis9RHPA+21
Korey Lee10CAA22
Jake Meyers11OFAAA25
Dauri Lorenzo12SSR18
Colin Barber13OFA+20
Alex McKenna14OFAA23
Freudis Nova15SSA+21
Matthew Barefoot16OFA+23
Yohander Martinez17SSA19
Zach Daniels18OFA22
Jordan Brewer19OFA23
Shawn Dubin20RHPAAA25


Brandon Marsh1OFMLB23
Reid Detmers2LHPAA22
Jordyn Adams3OFA+21
Chris Rodriguez4RHPAA23
Kyren Paris52BA19
Arol Vera6SSR18
Jeremiah Jackson7SSA21
David Calabrese8OFR18
Werner Blakely92BR19
Alexander Ramirez10OFR18
Denzer Guzman11SSR17
Izzy Wilson12OFAA23
Jack Kochanowicz13RHPA20
Packy Naughton14LHPAAA25
Cooper Criswell15RHPAA24
D'Shawn Knowles16OFA20
Orlando Martinez17OFAA23
Ryan Smith18LHPA+23
Brent Killam19LHPA+23
Adrian Placencia20SSR18


Tyler Soderstrom1CA19
Robert Puason2SSA18
Pedro Pineda3OFR17
Nick Allen42BAA22
Daulton Jefferies5RHPAAA25
Brayan Buelvas7OFA19
Junior Perez8OFA19
Luis Barrera9OFAAA25
Jordan Diaz103BA+20
Michael Guldberg11OFA+21
Jeff Criswell12RHPA+22
Logan Davidson13SSAA23
Cody Thomas14OFAAA26
Lazaro Armenteros15OFA+22
Colin Peluse16RHPA+22
Lawrence Butler171BA21
Austin Beck18OFA+22
Buddy Reed19OFAAA26
Tyler Baum20RHPAAA23


Julio Rodriguez1OFAA20
Jarred Kelenic2OFMLB21
Noelvi Marte3SSA19
George Kirby4RHPA+23
Emerson Hancock5RHPA+21
Cal Raleigh6CMLB24
Zach DeLoach7OFAA22
Jonatan Clase8OFR19
Brandon Williamson9LHPAA23
Austin Shenton103BAA23
Kaden Polcovich112BA+22
Juan Then12RHPA+21
Victor Labrada13OFA21
George Feliz14OFR18
Milkar Perez153BR19
Levi Stoudt16RHPA+23
Taylor Dollard17RHPA+22
Isaiah Campbell18RHPA+23
Luis Bolivar19OFR17
Starlin Aguilar203BR17


Josh Jung13BAAA23
Luisangel Acuna2SSA19
Justin Foscue32BA+22
Sherten Apostel43BAA22
Evan Carter5OFA18
Maximo Acosta6SSR18
Cole Winn7RHPAA21
Sam Huff8CAA23
Curtis Terry91BMLB24
Bayron Lora10OFR18
Keithron Moss112BA19
Chris Seise12SSA+22
Yerry Rodriguez13RHPAA23
Ricky Vanasco14RHPA+22
Hans Crouse15RHPAA22
Yonny Hernandez162BAAA23
Bubba Thompson17OFAA22
Davis Wendzel183BAA24
Owen White19RHPA21
Demarcus Evans20RHPMLB24