We are back with the third installment of the six-part series looking through each division from a dynasty perspective. The American League East is next up. There are plenty of prospects that could play a role in shaping the future of the division. Historically, the division has been controlled by the Yankees and Red Sox. The emergence of the Rays and the Blue Jays talented youth should make the division intriguing in the years to come. The Orioles are beginning to show signs of competitiveness in the system. They currently have some of the very best prospects in baseball at the top of their organization.

With the trade deadline creeping closer, some of the players listed here could be on the move within the next week. Such a scenario could open the door for an opportunity that isn’t available with their current team. Each organization has a different level of talent at various stages of development and positions. A player ranked relatively low in the Rays organization could be placed inside the top 10 on a different team. As player movement shakes out, I will be updating each list regularly.

If you want to check out the first two parts of the series, you can find the AL West and AL Central lists here. I have revisited both divisions on various occasions since their original release to make adjustments. The more time I have with each organization, the more in-focus the overall picture becomes.

This puts me at the halfway point of the project. Once it’s fully operating, I see these lists having several benefits, particularly for deep league players who may be looking for that new name that emerges. In some cases, I will be quicker than the crowd to move a player up or down, opening the door to some potential trade opportunities. I will also continue to add more columns and features once the foundation is set. I continue to be excited about possibilities once it’s functioning how I imagine. Thanks for reading!



Adley Rutschman1CAAA23
Grayson Rodriguez2RHPAA21
Gunnar Henderson3SSAA20
Coby Mayo43BA20
D.L. Hall5LHPAA23
Colton Cowser6OFA21
Jordan Westburg7SSAA22
Connor Norby82BA21
Heston Kjerstad9OFA22
Drew Rom10LHPAA22
Jean Pinto11RHPA20
Kyle Stowers12OFAAA24
Hudson Haskin13OFA+23
Kyle Bradish14RHPAAA25
Samuel Basallo15CDSL17
Maikol Hernandez16SSDSL18
Jahmai Jones172BMLB24
Mike Baumann18RHPMLB26
Terrin Vavra192BAA24
Kyle Brnovich20RHPAA24
Garrett Stallings21RHPAA24
Anthony Servideo222BA22
Luis Gonzalez23OFCPX19
Anderson De Los Santos24SSDSL18
Kevin Smith25LHPAAA24


Triston Casas11BAAA21
Marcelo Mayer2SSCPX18
Nick Yorke32BA+19
Jarren Duran4OFAAA25
Blaze Jordan53BA19
Jeter Downs62BAAA23
Brayan Bello7RHPAA22
Jay Groome8LHPAA23
Bryan Mata9RHPAA22
Gilberto Jimenez10OFA21
Connor Seabold11RHPAAA25
Noah Song12RHPA24
Miguel Bleis13OFDSL17
Brainer Bonanci14SSA19
Luis Ravelo15SSDSL18
Kutter Crawford16RHPAAA25
Wilkeman Gonzalez17RHPA19
Matthew Lugo18SSA20
Juan Chacon19OFDSL19
Chris Murphy20LHPAA23
Tyler Dearden21OFA+23
Brandon Howlett223BA+22
Jeisson Rosario23OFAA21
Tyreque Reed241BAA24
Chih-Jung Lui25RHPA22


Anthony Volpe1SSA+20
Jasson Dominguez2OFA18
Oswald Peraza3SSAAA21
Everson Pereira4OFA+20
Austin Wells5CA+22
Trey Sweeney6SSA21
Luis Gil7RHPAAA23
Clarke Schmidt8RHPAAA25
Oswaldo Cabrera92BAAA22
Randy Vasquez10RHPAA22
Luis Medina11RHPAA22
Hayden Wesneski12RHPAAA23
Estevan Florial13OFAAA23
Antonio Gomez14CA19
Ken Waldichuk15LHPAA23
Deivi Garcia16RHPAAA22
Anthony Garcia171BA21
Ryder Green18OFA21
Alexander Vargas19SSCPX19
Fidel Montero20OFDSL17
Enger Castellano213BDSL18
Raimfer Salinas22OFCPX20
Yoendrys Gómez23RHPA22


Shane Baz1RHPMLB22
Josh Lowe2OFAAA23
Vidal Bruján32BAAA23
Curtis Mead43BA+20
Taj Bradley5RHPA+20
Ian Seymour6LHPAAA23
Carlos Colmenarez7SSDSL18
Jonathan Aranda82BAA23
Xavier Edwards92BAA22
Greg Jones10SSAA23
Nick Bitsko11RHPCPX19
Heriberto Hernandez12OFA22
Tommy Romero13RHPAAA24
Cole Wilcox14RHPA22
Seth Johnson15RHPA23
Carson Williams16SSCPX18
Kameron Misner17OFAA24
Ruben Cardenas18OFAA24
Austin Shenton193BAA24
Cooper Kinney202BCPX18
Jhonny Piron21OFDSL17
Osleivis Basabe22SSA21
John Doxakis23LHPA+23
Jose Pena24OFDSL18
Alejandro Pie25SSCPX20


Jordan Groshans1SSAA21
Gabriel Moreno2CAA21
Orelvis Martinez3SSA+20
Gunnar Hoglund4RHPCPX21
Otto Lopez52BAA22
Samad Taylor62BAA23
Manuel Beltre7SSDSL17
Estiven Machado82BCPX19
Leo Jimenez9SSA20
Sem Robberse10RHPA+20
Victor Mesia11CA19
Gabriel Martinez12OFA19
Miguel Hiraldo132BA20
Rikelbin De Castro14SSCPX19
Adam Kloffenstein15RHPA+21
Kevin Smith16SSAAA25
Spencer Horwitz171BAAA24
CJ Van Eyk18RHPA+23
Dasan Brown19OFA20
Yhoangel Aponte20OFDSL17
Cristian Feliz211BDSL19