In part two of the six-part series, I look at the American League Central and the prospects you need to know for dynasty leagues. We are already two months into the season, so there have been plenty of graduations from the lists. Andrew Vaughn, Alex Kirilloff, Trevor Larnach, Casey Mize, and Michael Kopech have all surpassed prospect eligibility. While plenty of high-level talent has moved on, it gives other players a chance to move up. There are a handful of relatively unknown players who have made noise and find themselves on these lists.

Each farm system possesses a different combination of talent at various levels of development. While I struggled to find suitable players to fill out the White Sox list, I had an equally difficult time narrowing down the Indians to 20 players. Some of the prospects who didn’t make the cut would be firmly on the list in other organizations. As usual, there is a wide range of ages, skill sets, levels, upside, and floor for all your dynasty needs. You can filter each team by their primary position, age, and level to look for the type of player your team is missing.

With the 2021 MLB draft currently unfolding, I have decided to wait before including the newly drafted players in these lists. A significant number of players will be added in the coming weeks and months. I have a general understanding of where players could fall on the lists, but I want to do the proper research before dulling out rankings. There is in-depth coverage of the event, and I encourage you to familiarize yourself with the players early and often. I plan to cover the class from a FYPD perspective in a future article.

In case you missed it, here is part one of the series covering the AL West. Once all six divisions are released, I plan to have it running like a well-oiled machine. As I mentioned previously, no list will be identical. The world of prospects is not too different from the stock market. I hope some of the rankings I’ve made here will open your eyes to a new player. Or potentially, seeing someone higher than you expected will give you that extra boost to make that trade offer or deep-league stash.



Jose Rodriguez12BA+20
Yoelqui Cespedes2OFAA23
Jared Kelley3RHPA19
Benyamin Bailey4OFR19
Romy Gonzalez5SSMLB25
Micker Adolfo6OFAAA24
Bryan Ramos73BA19
Gavin Sheets8OFAAA25
Jake Burger93BAAA25
Norge Vera10RHPR21
Jason Bilous11RHPAA23
Chase Krogman12OFA20
Matthew Thompson13RHPA20
Andrew Dalquist14RHPA20
Blake Rutherford15OFAAA24
Luis Gonzalez16OFAAA25
James Beard17OFA20
Wilfred Veras182BR17
Dario Borrero19OFR17
Yolbert Sanchez202BAA24
Jonathan Stiever21RHPAAA24
Victor Quezada22SSR17


George Valera1OFAA20
Brayan Rocchio2SSAA20
Tyler Freeman3SSAA22
Daniel Espino4RHPA+20
Jhonkensy Noel53BA+20
Nolan Jones63BAAA23
Logan Allen7LHPAA22
Angel Martinez82BA19
Isaiah Greene9OFR19
Peyton Battenfield10RHPAA24
Gabriel Arias11SSAAA21
Jose Tena12SSA+20
Tanner Burns13RHPA+22
Xzavion Curry14RHPA+23
Petey Halpin15OFA19
Carson Tucker16SSR19
Bryan Lavastida17CAAA22
Aaron Bracho182BA+20
Ethan Hankins19RHPA20
Konor Pilkington20LHPAA23
Bo Naylor21CAA21
Joey Cantillo22LHPR21


Riley Greene1OFAAA20
Spencer Torkelson23BAAA22
Matt Manning3RHPMLB23
Jackson Jobe4RHPCPX18
Colt Keith52BA+20
Dillon Dingler6CAA22
Gage Workman7SSA+21
Daniel Cabrera8OFAA22
Cristian Santana9SSDSL17
Jose De La Cruz10OFCPX18
Roberto Campos11OFCPX18
Daz Cameron12OFMLB24
Derek Hill13OFMLB25
Reese Olson14RHPAA22
Parker Meadows15OFA+21
Wenceel Perez162BA+21
Abel Bastidas17SSDSL17
Bryant Packard18OFA+23
Elvin Rodriguez19RHPAA23
Raudy De Los Santos202BDSL18
Kody Clemens212BAAA25
Adinso Reyes22SSCPX19


Bobby Witt Jr.1SSAAA21
Nick Pratto21BAAA22
MJ Melendez3CAAA22
Daniel Lynch4LHPMLB24
Jackson Kowar5RHPMLB24
Asa Lacy6LHPA+21
Vinnie Pasquantino71BAA23
Erick Peña8OFCPX18
Angel Zerpa9LHPAA21
Drew Parrish10LHPAA23
Kyle Isbel11OFAAA24
Jeison Guzmán12SSAA22
Alec Marsh13LHPAA23
Jonathan Bowlan14RHPAAA24
Darryl Collins15OFA19
Ben Hernandez16RHPA20
Nick Loftin17SSA+22
Michael Massey182BA+23
Daniel Vasquez19SSDSL17
Tyler Gentry20OFA+22
Austin Cox21LHPAA24


Royce Lewis1SSAA21
Austin Martin2SSAA22
Jose Miranda33BAAA23
Simeon Woods-Richardson4RHPAA20
Jordan Balazovic5RHPAA22
Matt Canterino6RHPAA23
Jhoan Duran7RHPAAA23
Keoni Cavaco8SSA20
Misael Urbina9OFA19
Josh Winder10RHPAAA24
Aaron Sabato111BA22
Gilberto Celestino12OFMLB22
Matt Wallner13OFA+23
Joe Ryan14RHPMLB25
Cole Sands15RHPAA23
Edouard Julien162BA+22
Drew Strotman17RHPAAA24
Emmanuel Rodriguez18OFR18
Spencer Steer193BAA23
Alerick Soularie20OFA22