Top 20 Dynasty Prospects – AL East Edition

We are back with the third installment of the six-part series looking through each division from a dynasty perspective. The American League East is next up. There are plenty of prospects that could play a role in shaping the future of the division. Historically, the division has been controlled by the Yankees and Red Sox. The emergence of the Rays and the Blue Jays talented youth should make the division intriguing in the years to come. The Orioles are beginning to show signs of competitiveness in the system. They currently have some of the very best prospects in baseball at the top of their organization.

With the trade deadline creeping closer, some of the players listed here could be on the move within the next week. Such a scenario could open the door for an opportunity that isn’t available with their current team. Each organization has a different level of talent at various stages of development and positions. A player ranked relatively low in the Rays organization could be placed inside the top 10 on a different team. As player movement shakes out, I will be updating each list regularly.

If you want to check out the first two parts of the series, you can find the AL West and AL Central lists here. I have revisited both divisions on various occasions since their original release to make adjustments. The more time I have with each organization, the more in-focus the overall picture becomes.

This puts me at the halfway point of the project. Once it’s fully operating, I see these lists having several benefits, particularly for deep league players who may be looking for that new name that emerges. In some cases, I will be quicker than the crowd to move a player up or down, opening the door to some potential trade opportunities. I will also continue to add more columns and features once the foundation is set. I continue to be excited about possibilities once it’s functioning how I imagine. Thanks for reading!



Adley Rutschman1CAAA23
Grayson Rodriguez2RHPAA21
Gunnar Henderson3SSAA20
Coby Mayo43BA20
D.L. Hall5LHPAA23
Colton Cowser6OFA21
Jordan Westburg7SSAA22
Connor Norby82BA21
Heston Kjerstad9OFA22
Drew Rom10LHPAA22
Jean Pinto11RHPA20
Kyle Stowers12OFAAA24
Hudson Haskin13OFA+23
Kyle Bradish14RHPAAA25
Samuel Basallo15CDSL17
Maikol Hernandez16SSDSL18
Jahmai Jones172BMLB24
Mike Baumann18RHPMLB26
Terrin Vavra192BAA24
Kyle Brnovich20RHPAA24
Garrett Stallings21RHPAA24
Anthony Servideo222BA22
Luis Gonzalez23OFCPX19
Anderson De Los Santos24SSDSL18
Kevin Smith25LHPAAA24


Triston Casas11BAAA21
Marcelo Mayer2SSCPX18
Nick Yorke32BA+19
Jarren Duran4OFAAA25
Blaze Jordan53BA19
Jeter Downs62BAAA23
Brayan Bello7RHPAA22
Jay Groome8LHPAA23
Bryan Mata9RHPAA22
Gilberto Jimenez10OFA21
Connor Seabold11RHPAAA25
Noah Song12RHPA24
Miguel Bleis13OFDSL17
Brainer Bonanci14SSA19
Luis Ravelo15SSDSL18
Kutter Crawford16RHPAAA25
Wilkeman Gonzalez17RHPA19
Matthew Lugo18SSA20
Juan Chacon19OFDSL19
Chris Murphy20LHPAA23
Tyler Dearden21OFA+23
Brandon Howlett223BA+22
Jeisson Rosario23OFAA21
Tyreque Reed241BAA24
Chih-Jung Lui25RHPA22


Anthony Volpe1SSA+20
Jasson Dominguez2OFA18
Oswald Peraza3SSAAA21
Everson Pereira4OFA+20
Austin Wells5CA+22
Trey Sweeney6SSA21
Luis Gil7RHPAAA23
Clarke Schmidt8RHPAAA25
Oswaldo Cabrera92BAAA22
Randy Vasquez10RHPAA22
Luis Medina11RHPAA22
Hayden Wesneski12RHPAAA23
Estevan Florial13OFAAA23
Antonio Gomez14CA19
Ken Waldichuk15LHPAA23
Deivi Garcia16RHPAAA22
Anthony Garcia171BA21
Ryder Green18OFA21
Alexander Vargas19SSCPX19
Fidel Montero20OFDSL17
Enger Castellano213BDSL18
Raimfer Salinas22OFCPX20
Yoendrys Gómez23RHPA22


Shane Baz1RHPMLB22
Josh Lowe2OFAAA23
Vidal Bruján32BAAA23
Curtis Mead43BA+20
Taj Bradley5RHPA+20
Ian Seymour6LHPAAA23
Carlos Colmenarez7SSDSL18
Jonathan Aranda82BAA23
Xavier Edwards92BAA22
Greg Jones10SSAA23
Nick Bitsko11RHPCPX19
Heriberto Hernandez12OFA22
Tommy Romero13RHPAAA24
Cole Wilcox14RHPA22
Seth Johnson15RHPA23
Carson Williams16SSCPX18
Kameron Misner17OFAA24
Ruben Cardenas18OFAA24
Austin Shenton193BAA24
Cooper Kinney202BCPX18
Jhonny Piron21OFDSL17
Osleivis Basabe22SSA21
John Doxakis23LHPA+23
Jose Pena24OFDSL18
Alejandro Pie25SSCPX20


Jordan Groshans1SSAA21
Gabriel Moreno2CAA21
Orelvis Martinez3SSA+20
Gunnar Hoglund4RHPCPX21
Otto Lopez52BAA22
Samad Taylor62BAA23
Manuel Beltre7SSDSL17
Estiven Machado82BCPX19
Leo Jimenez9SSA20
Sem Robberse10RHPA+20
Victor Mesia11CA19
Gabriel Martinez12OFA19
Miguel Hiraldo132BA20
Rikelbin De Castro14SSCPX19
Adam Kloffenstein15RHPA+21
Kevin Smith16SSAAA25
Spencer Horwitz171BAAA24
CJ Van Eyk18RHPA+23
Dasan Brown19OFA20
Yhoangel Aponte20OFDSL17
Cristian Feliz211BDSL19

Top 20 Dynasty Prospects – AL West Edition

The time has come to take stock of how some organizations are shaping up in the Minor Leagues. With a good amount of data out for 2021, there have been some early-season breakouts. While the typical caveat of a small sample size always applies, it would be wise to notice some trends taking place. Not every prospect with a gaudy slash line will sustain the production. But it is worth noting when players are showing noticeable statistical improvements. In many cases, we haven’t had eyes on these players for over a year. There are bound to be some surprises, likely more so than a traditional year.

When taking on this project, it seemed simple enough. Rank the top 20 prospects in each organization from a dynasty perspective. I took this on as a solo project because I thought it would be a helpful way to keep track of all the lists I was posting on Twitter throughout the off-season. I didn’t fully appreciate how intensive it is to keep up with every organization at the same time. In hindsight, there’s probably a reason most lists like this are released in the winter when everyone has time to catch their breath. With games actively taking place, it can be a monumental task to keep up with all the movement.

Originally the plan was to display all 30 organizations at once. That turned out to be more difficult than I had anticipated. I had a grandiose vision of what this could look like with all the team colors but there is probably a good reason I have never seen what I was picturing in my mind. So to make the material more digestible for myself and the reader, I have decided to display organizational rankings by each division. I was able to give more individual time to each team rather than trying to juggle all 30 organizations at once.

I will begin the series focusing on the AL West. I am familiar with the history and dynamics of the division living near the Seattle area for the better part of my life. The division is up for grabs over the next decade, and several of the players on these lists will play a crucial role in determining which organization comes out on top. There is plenty of high-level talent scattered throughout these organizations located at every level throughout the Minor Leagues.

Just like a dynasty list, these rankings are a snapshot in time. They are constantly evolving as breakouts happen, players under-perform expectations, and perspectives shift. You could ask 100 people to rank each organization, and their lists might all look a little different. I hope you enjoy this and will check out the upcoming divisions. The idea is to keep these updated regularly when graduations, promotions, and perspectives shift.



Pedro Leon1SSAAA23
Jeremy Pena2SSAAA24
Forrest Whitley3RHPAA23
Joe Perez43BAA21
Hunter Brown5RHPAAA23
Alex Santos II6RHPA19
Korey Lee7CAA22
Shay Whitcomb83BA+22
Yainer Diaz9CA+23
Colin Barber10OFA+20
Enmanuel Valdez112BAA22
Brett Conine12RHPAAA24
Jairo Solis13RHPA21
Freudis Nova14SSA+21
Richi Gonzalez15OFCPX18
Dauri Lorenzo16SSCPX18
Yohander Martinez17SSA19
Spencer Arrighetti18RHPA21
Misael Tamarez19RHPA+21
Zach Daniels20OFA+22
Matthew Barefoot21OFAA24
Alex McKenna22OFAA24
Shawn Dubin23RHPAAA25
Chayce McDermott24RHPA23
Jordan Brewer25OFA24


Reid Detmers1LHPMLB22
Kyren Paris22BA+19
Sam Bachman3RHPAA21
Arol Vera4SSA18
Jordyn Adams5OFA+21
Ky Bush6LHPA+21
Davis Daniel7RHPAAA24
Edgar Quero8CA18
Denzer Guzman9SSDSL17
Alexander Ramirez10OFA19
David Calabrese11OFCPX19
Brendon Davis123BAAA24
Jeremiah Jackson13SSA21
Michael Stefanic142BAAA25
Ryan Smith15LHPAAA24
Izzy Wilson16OFAA23
Orlando Martinez17OFAA23
Alejandro Hidalgo18RHPCPX18
Werner Blakely192BCPX19
Adrian Placencia20SSCPX18
D'Shawn Knowles21OFA20
Jack Kochanowicz22RHPA20
Brent Killam23LHPA+23
Landon Marceaux24RHPA21


Tyler Soderstrom1CA19
Pedro Pineda2OFCPX17
Robert Puason3SSA18
Max Muncy4SSCPX19
Daulton Jefferies5RHPMLB25
Jordan Diaz73BA+20
Brayan Buelvas8OFA19
Nick Allen92BAAA22
Lawrence Butler101BA21
Junior Perez11OFA19
Michael Guldberg12OFA+21
Jeff Criswell13RHPA+22
Cody Thomas14OFAAA26
Luis Barrera15OFAAA25
Colin Peluse16RHPA+23
Logan Davidson17SSAA23
Tyler Baum18RHPAAA23
Buddy Reed19OFAAA26
Austin Beck20OFA+22
Lazaro Armenteros21OFA+22


Julio Rodriguez1OFAA20
Noelvi Marte2SSA+20
George Kirby3RHPAA23
Matt Brash4RHPAA23
Emerson Hancock5RHPAA22
Harry Ford6CCPX18
Gabriel Gonzalez7OFDSL17
Brandon Williamson8LHPAA23
Zach DeLoach9OFAA23
Jonatan Clase10OFCPX19
Edwin Arroyo11SSCPX18
Milkar Perez123BCPX19
Kaden Polcovich132BAA22
George Feliz14OFDSL19
Connor Phillips15RHPA+20
Adam Macko16LHPA21
Cade Marlowe17OFAAA24
Victor Labrada18OFA+21
Alberto Rodriguez19OFA+21
Levi Stoudt20RHPAA23
Taylor Dollard21RHPA+22
Michael Morales22RHPCPX19
Starlin Aguilar233BDSL17
Juan Then24RHPA+21
Amador Arias25SSA21
Robert Perez261BA21
Luis Bolivar27OFDSL17
Isaiah Campbell28RHPA+24


Josh Jung13BAAA23
Jack Leiter2RHPA21
Dustin Harris31BA+22
Cole Winn4RHPAAA21
Justin Foscue52BAA22
Luisangel Acuna6SSA19
Evan Carter7OFA19
Sherten Apostel83BAAA22
Maximo Acosta9SSCPX18
Yerry Rodriguez10RHPAA23
Ezequiel Duran112BA+22
Josh H. Smith12SSAA24
Trevor Hauver132BA+22
Chris Seise14SSA+22
Frandy Almonte15OFDSL17
Yeison Morrobel16OFDSL17
Bubba Thompson17OFAA23
Sam Huff18CAA23
Zak Kent19RHPAA23
Curtis Terry201BAAA24
Ricky Vanasco21RHPA22
Keithron Moss222BCPX20
Bayron Lora23OFDSL19

Top 300 Dynasty Prospects

The weather is beginning to turn for the better and a renewed sense of hope is in the air. Fantasy baseball is back and those of us who love the game couldn’t be more excited about it! The game has gone through many transformations over the years. We currently find ourselves in the early stages of unlocking the secrets behind advanced analytics. There are some intelligent people out there doing incredible work in the baseball community. Their innovation and willingness to share their gifts and support each other only continue to grow the game.

A difference between now and when I played my first league is the introduction of prospects to the game. It brought an entirely new element to fantasy baseball and opened the door for some intriguing dynasty leagues. To this day, there are mixed feelings about how to best utilize prospects in fantasy leagues. Some people see them as essential for long-term success. Others see them as nothing more than trade pieces to help them win right now. Regardless of what side of the fence you are on, there’s little doubt that prospects have become a big part of the fantasy experience. Becoming familiar with them can help you either way.

Like building a team through the draft, several different approaches can work with prospects. If your league values pitching, then consider bumping them up. If you value players that are closer but may not have as much upside, pay attention to ages and ETA. Prospects are mostly about projecting the future and figuring out how their skillsets could play a role in fantasy baseball down the line. It’s important to factor in your specific league categories as well. Certain prospects rise and fall depending on the categories being used. There are so many different ways to evaluate players making it such an interesting puzzle to try and put together.

I will be writing articles throughout the season discussing this list and the movement of players as more data becomes available. As a general guideline, here are some of the factors that go into this list…

1. I weigh upside over proximity to the Major Leagues. My approach is more tilted towards discovering future game-changing players. Someone who is on the verge of a promotion, or already has a job secured definitely gets a boost up the rankings. But the players with special skillsets get a lot of respect from me, even if their track record isn’t yet established.

2. While Minor League stats do have value, they are just a part of the process. There is so much development happening at this stage of their career that I don’t always find it to be an accurate way to gauge future fantasy value. Different leagues and parks also increase or suppress production, so it’s important to know the difference between legitimate improvements and being aided by offensive-heavy parks.

3. Age vs. Level is something I have used for many years to discover potential gems or avoid landmines. Simply put, a 19-year-old who is tearing through Double-A carries significantly more weight than a 23-year-old at the same level. Prospects who are much younger than their competition tend to have a lot of potential and upside, even if the statistics don’t necessarily look appealing.

4. Projecting positions for prospects can be tricky, as a lot of them end up moving to a different spot once they’ve been promoted. It is important to understand the general defensive skill set of the players. As we all know, there are certain positions that have more depth in the Majors. Prospects who can fill one of those spots have a higher floor and less pressure to reach certain statistical thresholds.

5. There is a long track record showing that hitting prospects are less risky than pitching prospects. While I’m not dismissing pitching as an important element of the game, I do take a more conservative approach with them relative to hitters. If you see pitchers ranked aggressively on this list, that should be taken as a sign I am particularly high on them.

Without further ado, I am pleased and honored to reveal the Top 300 dynasty prospects for RotoFanatic. I will be updating the list throughout the season, and we will expand it further and add more features. I appreciate your time and we hope you will bookmark this list and reference it for all of your dynasty needs.


Player NameRankTeamPositionAgeETALevel
Jarred Kelenic1SEAOF212021MLB
Wander Franco2TBSS202021AAA
Julio Rodriguez3SEAOF202021A+
CJ Abrams4SDSS202022AA
Bobby Witt Jr.5KCSS202021AA
Jazz Chisholm Jr.6MIA2B232020MLB
Andrew Vaughn7CHW1B232021MLB
Marco Luciano8SFSS192022A
Spencer Torkelson9DET1B212022A+
Adley Rutschman10BALC232021AA
Ke'Bryan Hayes11PIT3B242020MLB
Alex Kirilloff12MINOF232021MLB
Riley Greene13DETOF202022AA
Austin Martin14TOROF222022AA
Vidal Brujan15TB2B232021AAA
Triston Casas16BOS1B212022AA
Noelvi Marte17SEASS192023A
Brennen Davis18CHCOF212022A+
Heliot Ramos19SFOF212021AAA
Sixto Sanchez20MIARHP222020AAA
JJ Bleday21MIAOF232021AA
Jeter Downs22BOS2B222021AAA
Jordan Groshans23TOR3B212022AA
Nick Gonzales24PIT2B212022A+
Corbin Carroll25ARIOF202022A+
MacKenzie Gore26SDLHP222021AAA
Logan Gilbert27SEARHP242021AAA
Jasson Dominguez28NYYOF182023Rookie
Matt Manning29DETRHP232021AAA
Max Meyer30MIARHP222022AA
George Kirby31SEARHP232022A+
Trevor Larnach32MINOF242021MLB
Brandon Marsh33LAAOF232021AAA
Alek Manoah34TORRHP232021AAA
Nate Pearson35TORRHP242020MLB
Luis Matos36SFOF192023A
Zac Veen37COLOF192024A
Kristian Robinson38ARIOF202023A
Matthew Liberatore39STLLHP212022AAA
Simeon Woods-Richardson40TORRHP202021AA
Royce Lewis41MINSS212022AAA
Geraldo Perdomo42ARISS212021AA
Edward Cabrera43MIARHP222021AAA
Hunter Greene44CINRHP212022AA
Garrett Mitchell45MILOF222023A+
Alek Thomas46ARIOF212022AA
Jordyn Adams47LAAOF212023A+
Jarren Duran48BOSOF242021AAA
George Valera49CLEOF202023A+
Oneil Cruz50PITOF222022AA
Michael Busch51LAD2B232022AA
Shane McClanahan52TBLHP232020MLB
Josiah Gray53LADRHP232021AAA
Tyler Freeman54CLE2B212022AA
Hunter Bishop55SFOF222023A+
Grayson Rodriguez56BALRHP212023A+
Emerson Hancock57SEARHP212022A+
Josh Jung58TEX3B232021AAA
Nolan Jones59CLEOF232021AAA
Asa Lacy60KCLHP212023A+
Nolan Gorman61STL2B202022AA
Aaron Bracho62CLE2B202023A+
Orelvis Martinez63TOR3B192023A
Drew Waters64ATLOF222021AAA
Spencer Howard65PHIRHP242020MLB
Hedbert Perez66MILOF182024Rookie
Wilman Diaz67LADSS172024Rookie
Robert Hassell III68SDOF192024A
Pete Crow-Armstrong69NYMOF192024A
Francisco Alvarez70NYMC192023A+
Josh Lowe71TBOF232021AAA
Michael Harris72ATLOF202023A+
Liover Peguero73PITSS202023A+
Gilberto Jimenez74BOSOF202023A+
Nick Lodolo75CINLHP232022AA
DL Hall76BALLHP222021AA
Ryan Weathers77SDLHP212020MLB
Daniel Lynch78KCLHP242021MLB
Luisangel Acuna79TEX2B192024A
Austin Hendrick80CINOF192024A
Ed Howard81CHCSS192024A
Tyler Soderstrom82OAKC192023A
Cristian Hernandez83CHCSS172025Rookie
Erick Peña84KCOF182025Rookie
Maximo Acosta85TEXSS182024Rookie
Carlos Colmenarez86TBSS172025Rookie
Robert Puason87OAKSS182024A
Xavier Edwards88TB2B212022AA
Shane Baz89TBRHP212022AA
Brailyn Marquez90CHCLHP222021AA
Pedro Leon91HOUOF222022AA
Kody Hoese92LAD3B232022AA
Gunnar Henderson93BALSS192023A
Mick Abel94PHIRHP192024A
Quinn Priester95PITRHP202023A+
Ethan Hankins96CLERHP202023A+
Brayan Rocchio97CLESS202023A+
Austin Wells98NYYC212022A+
Hudson Head99PITOF202023A
Daniel Espino100CLERHP202023A
Sherten Apostel101TEX3B212020AA
Brett Baty102NYM3B212023A+
Michael Toglia103COL1B222022A+
Heston Kjerstad104BALOF222023A
Jackson Rutledge105WSHRHP222022A+
Alexander Canario106SFOF202023A
Rece Hinds107CIN3B202023A
Luis Toribio108SF3B202023A
Heriberto Hernandez109TBOF212023A
Akil Baddoo110DETOF222021MLB
Taylor Trammell111SEAOF232021MLB
Peyton Burdick112MIAOF242022AA
Bobby Dalbec113BOS1B252020MLB
Zach McKinstry114LADOF252020MLB
Jonathan India115CIN3B242021MLB
Daulton Jeffries116OAKRHP252020AAA
Clarke Schmidt117NYYRHP252020MLB
Alejandro Kirk118TORC222020MLB
Luis Campusano119SDC222020AAA
Greg Jones120TBSS232022A+
Reid Detmers121LAALHP212022AA
Garrett Crochet122CHWLHP212020MLB
Cade Cavalli123WSHRHP222023A+
Forrest Whitley124HOURHP232022AAA
Pavin Smith125ARI1B252020MLB
Seth Beer126ARIOF242021AAA
Lewin Diaz127MIA1B242020AAA
Jesus Sanchez128MIAOF232020AAA
Joey Bart129SFC242020AAA
Caanan Smith-Njigba130PITOF222022AA
Yoelqui Cespedes131CHWOF232023AA
Tanner Burns132CLERHP222022A+
Matt Allan133NYMRHP202023A+
Adam Kloffenstein134TORLHP202023A+
Jordan Walker135STL3B182025A
Misael Urbina136MINOF182024A
Blake Walston137ARILHP192023A
Jared Kelley138CHWRHP192025A
Pedro Pineda139OAKOF172025Rookie
Jonatan Clase140SEAOF182024Rookie
Jake Vogel141LADOF192024A
Angel Martinez142CLESS192024A
Oswald Peraza143NYYSS202023A+
Khalil Lee144NYMOF222021MLB
Cristian Pache145ATLOF222020MLB
Jordan Balazovic146MINRHP222022AA
Luis Frias147ARIRHP222023AA
Slade Cecconi148ARIRHP212023A
Cole Wilcox149TBRHP212023A
Seth Johnson150TBRHP222022A
Alexander Mojica151PIT3B182024A
Benyamin Bailey152CHWOF192024A
Wilderd Patino153ARIOF192024A
Andy Pages154LADOF202024A+
Tahnaj Thomas155PITRHP212023A+
Bobby Miller156LADRHP212023A+
Reggie Preciado157CHCSS172025Rookie
Isaiah Greene158CLEOF192025Rookie
Luis Rodriguez159LADOF182024Rookie
Brendan McKay160TBLHP252019AAA
Jackson Kowar161KCRHP242021AAA
Bryce Jarvis162ARIRHP232023A+
Jared Shuster163ATLLHP222023A+
Chris Rodriguez164LAARHP222022MLB
A.J. Puk165OAKLHP252019MLB
Gabriel Arias166CLESS212023AAA
Brice Turang167MILSS212022AA
Dillon Dingler168DETC222023A+
Aaron Sabato169MIN1B212023A
Jordan Nwogu170CHCOF222023A
Travis Swaggerty171PITOF232021AAA
Kyle Isbel172KCOF242021AAA
Miguel Vargas173LAD3B212023A+
Jose Garcia174CINSS222020AA
Yasel Antuna175WSHSS212022A+
Aaron Ashby176MILLHP222022AAA
Joey Cantillo177CLELHP212023AA
Ismael Mena178CHCOF182024Rookie
Manuel Beltre179TORSS172025Rookie
Jeferson Espinal180ARIOF182024Rookie
Masyn Winn181STLSS192025A
Alex De Jesus182LAD3B192024A
Nick Bitsko183TBRHP182025Rookie
Dak Fulton184MIALHP192025A
Jose De La Cruz185DETOF182025A
Maikol Escotto186PIT2B182025A
Brayan Buelvas187OAKOF182025A
Jhoan Duran188MINRHP232021AAA
Hunter Brown189HOURHP222022AA
Kohl Franklin190CHCRHP212023A
Luis Medina191NYYRHP222022A+
Bryce Ball192ATL1B222023A+
Justin Foscue193TEX2B222023A+
Keoni Cavaco194MINSS192025A
Kyren Paris185LAASS192024A
Kameron Misner196MIAOF232022A+
Aaron Schunk197COL3B232022A+
Daniel Cabrera198DETOF222023A+
Mason Martin199PIT1B212022AA
Johan Rojas200PHIOF202024A
Miguel Hiraldo201TOR3B202024A
Alex Santos202HOURHP192024A
Brennan Malone203PITRHP202024A
Ivan Herrera204STLC202022AA
Maikol Hernandez205BAL3B172026Rookie
Daniel Vazquez206KCSS172026Rookie
Alexander Ramirez207NYMOF182025Rookie
Deivi Garcia208NYYRHP212020AAA
Francisco Morales209PHIRHP212022AA
Joe Ryan210TBRHP242022AAA
Matt Canterino211MINRHP232021A+
Lyon Richardson212CINRHP212023A+
William Contreras213ATLC232021MLB
Bo Naylor214CLEC212022AA
Miguel Amaya215CHCC212022AA
Richi Gonzalez216HOUOF182025Rookie
Bayron Lora217TEXOF182025Rookie
Kevin Alcantara218NYYOF182024Rookie
Blaze Jordan219BOS3B182024Rookie
Taj Bradley220TBRHP202023A
Kendall Williams221LADRHP202024A
Lenny Torres222CLERHP202024A
Jeremy De La Rosa223WSHOF192024Rookie
Adael Amador224COLSS182025Rookie
J.T. Ginn225NYMRHP212023Rookie
Brenton Doyle226COLOF222023A+
Zach DeLoach227SEAOF222023A+
Tucupita Marcano228SD2B212021AAA
Jeremy Pena229HOUSS232022AA
Braden Shewmake230ATLSS232022AA
Ambioris Tavarez231ATL3B172026Rookie
Jhonny Piron232TBOF172026Rookie
Cristian Santana233DETSS172026Rookie
Andry Lara234WSHRHP182024Rookie
Robert Dominguez235NYMRHP192025Rookie
Kyle Harrison236SFLHP192024Rookie
Freudis Nova237HOUSS212023A+
Parker Meadows238DETOF212022A+
Jhon Torres239STLOF212023A+
Carson Tucker240CLESS192024Rookie
Alejandro Pie241TBSS192024Rookie
Colt Keith242DET3B192024Rookie
JJ Goss243TBRHP202023Rookie
Norge Vera244CHWRHP202024Rookie
Junior Perez245OAKOF192024A
Taylor Walls246TBSS242021AAA
Roberto Campos247DETOF182025Rookie
Arol Vera248LAA3B182025Rookie
Javier Francisco249SFSS182025Rookie
Nick Yorke250BOS2B182025A
Jeremiah Jackson251LAA2B202023A
Yeison Santana252CHCSS202024A
Rafael Morel253CHC3B192024Rookie
Alexfri Planez254CLEOF192024A
Joshua Mears255SDOF202023A
Zack Thompson256STLRHP232022AAA
Patrick Bailey257SFC212023A+
Adbert Alzolay258CHCRHP262019MLB
Brent Honeywell Jr.259TBRHP262021AAA
Freddy Zamora260MILSS222023A
Will Wilson261SF2B222022A+
Bryson Stott262PHISS232022A+
Tanner Houck263BOSRHP242020AAA
Jared Oliva264PITOF252020AAA
Bobby Bradley265CLE1B242021AAA
Tyler Stephenson266CINC242020MLB
Ryan Jeffers267MINC232020MLB
Sam Huff268TEXC232020MLB
Jairo Solis269HOURHP212023A+
Antoine Kelly270MILLHP212022A
Bryan Mata271BOSRHP212021AA
Yiddi Cappe272MIASS172026Rookie
Malvin Valdez273CINOF172026Rookie
Petey Halpin274CLEOF182025Rookie
Victor Acosta275SDSS172026Rookie
Brainer Bonanci276BOSSS182024Rookie
Samuel Zavala277SDOF162026Rookie
Denzer Guzman278LAA3B172026Rookie
Miguel Bleis279BOSOF172026Rookie
Ricky Vanasco280TEXRHP222023A+
Logan Allen281CLELHP222022A+
Shalin Polanco282PITOF172026Rookie
Carlos Jorge283CIN2B172026Rookie
Jose Salas284MIA3B172026Rookie
Oslevis Basabe285TBSS202024Rookie
Alexander Vargas286NYYSS202023Rookie
David Calabrese287LAAOF182025Rookie
Noah Song288BOSRHP242023A
Ethan Small289MILLHP242022AA
Seth Corry290SFRHP222023A+

MattWi77iams Top-500 Dynasty Rankings

As we launch RotoFanatic, the website will eventually include consensus rankings from our entire staff. But for now, you are stuck with the thought process of co-founder Matt Williams (@MattWi77iams).

The rankings below take into account both 2020 projections and future production from a rotisserie perspective. But, like all rankings, take these with a grain of salt as they will change depending on your league rules and settings. Please enjoy the top-500 Dynasty Rankings.



1Ronald Acuna Jr.OFATL22
2Mike TroutOFLAA28
3Juan SotoOFWAS21
4Christian YelichOFMIL28
5Cody Bellinger1B,OFLAD24
6Fernando Tatis Jr.SSSD21
7Francisco LindorSSCLE26
8Mookie BettsOFLAD27
9Trevor StorySSCOL27
10Rafael Devers3BBOS23
11Nolan Arenado3BCOL28
12Alex Bregman3B,SSHOU25
13Yordan AlvarezUTHOU22
14Vladimir Guerrero Jr.3BTOR20
15Trea TurnerSSWAS26
16Jacob deGromSPNYM31
17Gerrit ColeSPNYY29
18Bryce HarperOFPHI27
19Bo BichetteSSTOR21
20Walker BuehlerSPLAD25
21Jose Ramirez3BCLE27
22Anthony Rendon3BLAA29
23Yoan Moncada3BCHW24
24Xander BogaertsSSBOS27
25Aaron JudgeOFNYY27
26Ozzie Albies2BATL22
27Freddie Freeman1BATL30
28Eloy JimenezOFCHW23
29Wander FrancoSSTB18
30Pete Alonso1BNYM25
31Keston Hiura2BMIL23
32Gleyber Torres2B,SSNYY23
33J.D. MartinezOFBOS32
34Jose Altuve2BHOU29
35Shane BieberSPCLE24
42Matt Olson1BOAK25
37Javier BaezSSCHC27
38Luis RobertOFCHW22
39Jo AdellOFLAA20
40Kris Bryant3B,OFCHC28
41Chris PaddackSPSD23
43Jack FlahertySPSTL24
44Austin MeadowsOFTB24
36Max ScherzerSPWAS35
45Gavin Lux2BLAD22
46Mike ClevingerSPCLE29
47Blake SnellSPTB27
48Stephen StrasburgSPWAS31
49Starling MarteOFPIT31
50Carlos CorreaSSHOU25
51Victor RoblesOFWAS22
52Ketel Marte2B,OFARI26
53George SpringerOFHOU30
54Manny Machado3B,SSSD27
55Luis CastilloSPCIN27
56Matt Chapman3BOAK26
57Eugenio Suarez3BCIN28
58Ramon LaureanoOFOAK25
59Giancarlo StantonOFNYY30
60Shohei OhtaniUT/SPLAA25
61Adalberto MondesiSSKC24
62Jonathan Villar2B,SSMIA28
63Justin VerlanderSPHOU36
64Aaron NolaSPPHI26
65Kyle TuckerOFHOU22
67Jesus LuzardoSPOAK22
68Jarred KelenicOFSEA20
69MacKenzie GoreSPSD20
70Joey GalloOFTEX26
72Anthony Rizzo1BCHC30
73Jorge SolerOFKC27
74Lucas GiolitoSPCHW25
75Patrick CorbinSPWAS30
76Julio RodriguezOFSEA19
96Josh Bell1BPIT27
79Michael ConfortoOFNYM26
77Josh Donaldson3BMIN34
80Max Muncy1B,2B,3BLAD29
66Paul Goldschmidt1BSTL32
78Gary SanchezCNYY27
81Dylan CarlsonOFSTL21
82Tim AndersonSSCHW26
83Tyler GlasnowSPTB26
84Clayton KershawSPLAD31
85J.T. RealmutoCPHI28
86Rhys Hoskins1BPHI26
71Jose Abreu1BCHW32
87Cavan Biggio2BTOR24
88Josh HaderRPMIL25
89Tommy PhamOFSD31
90Jose BerriosSPMIN25
91Marcus SemienSSOAK29
92Marcell OzunaOFATL29
93Oscar MercadoOFCLE25
94Mike SorokaSPATL22
95Jeff McNeil2B,3B,OFNYM27
97David DahlOFCOL25
98Andrew BenintendiOFBOS25
99Whit Merrifield2B,OFKC30
100Charlie BlackmonOFCOL33
101Corey SeagerSSLAD25
102Michael KopechSPCHW23
103Eddie RosarioOFMIN28
104Max KeplerOFMIN26
105Carter KieboomSSWAS22
106Nicholas CastellanosOFCIN27
107Michael BrantleyOFHOU32
108Eduardo RodriguezSPBOS26
109Jorge PolancoSSMIN26
110Eduardo Escobar2B,3BARI30
111Willson ContrerasCCHC27
112Forrest WhitleySPHOU22
113Kristian RobinsonOFARI19
114Garrett Hampson2B,OFCOL25
115Lourdes Gurriel Jr.OFTOR26
116Nate PearsonSPTOR23
117Brandon WoodruffSPMIL26
118Miguel Sano3BMIN26
119Kyle SchwarberOFCHC26
120J.D. Davis3B,OFNYM26
121Mike Moustakas2B,3BCIN31
122Royce LewisSSMIN20
123Zac GallenSPARI24
124Byron BuxtonOFMIN26
125Amed RosarioSSNYM24
126Tommy Edman2B,3BSTL24
127Matt ManningSPDET21
128Franmil ReyesOFCLE24
129Casey MizeSPDET22
130Andrew Vaughn1BCHW21
131Nick SenzelOFCIN24
132Adley RutschmanCBAL21
133DJ LeMahieu1B,2B,3BNYY31
134Trevor BauerSPCIN28
135Corey KluberSPTEX33
136Jasson DominguezOFNYY16
137Marco LucianoSSSF18
138Charlie MortonSPTB36
139Max FriedSPATL25
140Julio UriasSPLAD23
141Yasmani GrandalC,1BCHW31
142Carlos Santana1BCLE33
143Austin RileyOFATL22
144Yu DarvishSPCHC33
145Miguel AndujarUTNYY24
146Zack WheelerSPPHI29
147Zack GreinkeSPHOU36
148Drew WatersOFATL21
149Alex VerdugoOFBOS23
150James PaxtonSPNYY31
151Elvis AndrusSSTEX31
152Kirby YatesRPSD32
153Liam HendriksRPOAK30
154Joey BartCSF23
155Christian Walker1BARI28
156Dinelson LametSPSD27
157Noah SyndergaardSPNYM27
158Trey Mancini1B,OFBAL27
159Brendan McKaySP/DHTB24
160Chris SaleSPBOS30
161Luis SeverinoSPNYY25
162Brandon Lowe2BTB25
163Yasiel PuigOF(N/A)29
164Roberto OsunaRPHOU24
165Alek ThomasOFARI19
166Carlos CarrascoSPCLE32
167Nelson CruzUTMIN39
168Dustin MaySPLAD22
169Luis PatinoSPSD20
170Sonny GraySPCIN30
171CJ AbramsSSSD19
172Luke Voit1BNYY28
173Nate Lowe1BTB24
174Alex KirilloffOFMIN22
175Will SmithCLAD24
176Scott Kingery3B,OFPHI25
177A.J. PukSPOAK24
178Didi GregoriusSSPHI29
179Aroldis ChapmanRPNYY31
180German MarquezSPCOL24
181Spencer HowardSPPHI23
182Ryan McMahon2B,3BCOL25
183Hyun-Jin RyuSPTOR32
184Vidal Brujan2BTB21
185Trevor LarnachOFMIN22
186Frankie MontasSPOAK26
187Alec Bohm3BPHI23
188Edwin DiazRPNYM24
189Dansby SwansonSSATL25
190Andrew McCutchenOFPHI33
191Brendan Rodgers2BCOL23
192Justin Turner3BLAD35
193Nolan Gorman3BSTL19
194Nick SolakUTTEX24
195Paul DeJongSSSTL26
196Adam EatonOFWAS33
197Nico HoernerSSCHC22
198Carson KellyCARI25
199Hunter Dozier3B,OFKC28
200Dylan CeaseSPCHW24
201Matthew LiberatoreSPSTL20
202Bryan ReynoldsOFPIT24
203Michael Chavis1B,2BBOS24
204Bobby Witt Jr.SSKC19
205Xavier EdwardsSSTB20
206Nomar MazaraOFCHW24
207Kenley JansenRPLAD32
208Lorenzo CainOFMIL33
209Madison BumgarnerSPARI30
210Khris DavisUTOAK32
211Nolan Jones3BCLE21
212Nick Madrigal2BCHW22
213Salvador PerezCKC29
214Danny Santana1B,OFTEX29
215Domingo SantanaOFCLE27
216Kevin Newman2B,SSPIT26
217Willy AdamesSSTB24
218Sean ManaeaSPOAK27
219Gio Urshela3BNYY28
220Raisel IglesiasRPCIN30
221Luke WeaverSPARI26
222Jean SeguraSSPHI29
223Mitch GarverCMIN28
224Noelvi MarteSSSEA18
225Evan White1BSEA23
226Yuli Gurriel1B,3BHOU35
227Edwin Encarnacion1BCHW36
228Brad HandRPCLE29
229Tyler O'NeillOFSTL24
230Grayson RodriguezSPBAL20
231Ian AndersonSPATL21
232Alex ReyesSPSTL25
233Sam HilliardOFCOL25
234Willie CalhounOFTEX25
235Gregory PolancoOFPIT28
236Hector NerisRPPHI30
237Lance LynnSPTEX32
238J.J. BledayOFMIA22
239Yandy Diaz1B,3BTB28
240Bobby Dalbec3BBOS24
241Jordan Groshans3BTOR20
242Trent GrishamOFSD23
243Robbie RaySPARI28
244Ken GilesRPTOR29
245Luis Arraez2B,OFMIN22
246Kolten Wong2BSTL29
247Cristian PacheOFATL21
248Ryan Mountcastle1BBAL22
249Sean MurphyCOAK25
250Carlos MartinezSPSTL28
251Matthew BoydSPDET28
252Nick AhmedSSARI29
253Triston Casas3B/1BBOS19
254Adrian HouserRPMIL26
255Corbin CarrollOFARI19
256Daulton VarshoCARI23
257Daniel Murphy1BCOL34
258Brian Anderson3B,OFMIA26
259Rougned Odor2BTEX22
260Justin UptonOFLAA32
261Jorge MateoSSOAK24
262Jorge AlfaroCMIA26
263Ian HappOFCHC25
264Francisco MejiaCSD24
265Sixto SanchezSPMIA21
266Taylor TrammellOFSD22
267Hunter RenfroeOFTB27
268Andrew HeaneySPLAA28
269Taylor RogersRPMIN29
270Joc Pederson1B,OFLAD27
271David PriceSPLAD34
272Oneil CruzSSPIT21
273Riley GreeneOFDET19
274Josh Jung3BTEX21
275Mike YastrzemskiOFSF29
276Brennen DavisOFCHC20
277Ronny MauricioSSNYM18
278Mitch HanigerOFSEA29
279Eric Hosmer1BSD30
280Shin-soo ChooOFTEX37
281Logan GilbertSPSEA22
282Orelvis MartinezSSTOR18
283Erick PenaOFKC16
284Christian VazquezCBOS29
285Mitch KellerSPPIT23
286Marcus StromanSPNYM28
287George ValeraOFCLE19
288Renato Nunez1BBAL25
289Caleb SmithSPMIA28
290Andrelton SimmonsSSLAA30
291Kyle Seager3BSEA32
292Will SmithRPATL30
293Jesse WinkerOFCIN26
294Tarik SkubalPDET23
295Matt Carpenter3BSTL34
296Shane BazSPTB20
297Robert PuasonSSOAK17
298Jesus SanchezOFMIA22
299Luis Urias2B,SSMIL22
300Luis CampusanoCSD21
301Aristides AquinoOFCIN25
302Seth BeerOFARI23
303Sandy AlcantaraSPMIA24
304Alex ColomeRPCHW31
305Avisail GarciaOFMIL28
306Cesar Hernandez2BCLE29
307Mike MinorSPTEX32
308C.J. Cron1BDET29
309Heliot RamosOFSF20
310Austin HaysOFBAL24
311Kyle LewisOFSEA24
312Starlin Castro2B,3BWAS29
313Jazz ChisholmSSMIA21
314Brett GardnerOFNYY36
315Lance McCullers Jr.SPHOU26
316Mark CanhaOFOAK30
317Jeter DownsSSBOS21
318Kyle WrightSPATL24
319Tommy La Stella2B,3BLAA30
320Kyle HendricksSPCHC30
321Hunter BishopOFSF21
322Sherten Apostel3BTEX20
323Andres MunozRPSD20
324Domingo GermanSPNYY27
325Griffin CanningSPLAA23
326Dee Gordon2BSEA31
327Manuel MargotOFSD25
328Kody Hoese3BLAD22
329Garrett Cooper1B,OFMIA29
330David Fletcher2B,3B,SS,OFLAA25
331Mallex SmithOFSEA26
332Brusdar GraterolRPMIN21
333Miguel Cabrera1BDET36
334Wilson RamosCNYM32
335Nick AndersonRPTB29
336Jake FraleyOFSEA24
337Robinson Cano2BNYM37
338Jose MartinezOFTB31
339Josh RojasOFARI25
340Jake OdorizziSPMIN29
341Joe MusgroveSPPIT27
342Misael UrbinaOFMIN17
343Yoshitomo TsutsugoOFTB28
344Masahiro TanakaSPNYY31
345Jurickson Profar2BSD26
346Wil MyersOFSD29
347Josh JamesSPHOU26
348A.J. PollockOFLAD32
349Tyler FreemanSSCLE20
350Mike FoltynewiczSPATL28
351David PeraltaOFARI32
352Adam Frazier2BPIT28
353DL HallSPBAL21
354Aaron HicksOFNYY30
355Ryan BraunOFMIL39
356Victor ReyesOFDET25
357Jonathan Schoop2BDET28
358Joey LucchesiSPSD26
359Craig KimbrelRPCHC31
360Steven MatzSPNYM28
361Ji-Man Choi1BTB28
362Dallas KeuchelSPCHW32
363Shogo AkiyamaOFCIN31
364Josh NaylorOFSD22
365Shed Long2BSEA24
366Travis dArnaudC,1BATL30
367Jon GraySPCOL28
368Jesus Aguilar1BMIA29
369Omar NarvaezCMIL27
370Garrett RichardsSPSD31
371Freddy Galvis2B,SSCIN30
372Brandon MarshOFLAA22
373Jordyn AdamsOFLAA20
374Kevin PillarOFBOS31
375James KarinchakRPCLE24
376Anthony DeSclafaniSPCIN29
377Ethan HankinsSPCLE19
378John MeansRPBAL26
379Jackie Bradley Jr.OFBOS29
380Michael PinedaSPMIN30
381Brandon NimmoOFNYM26
382Mike TauchmanOFNYY29
383Greg JonesSSTB21
384Joey Votto1BCIN36
385Clint FrazierOFNYY25
386Jameson TaillonSPPIT28
387Daniel LynchSPKC23
388Clarke SchmidtSPNYY23
389Jose UrquidySPHOU24
390Jon Berti3B,SS,OFMIA29
391Mauricio Dubon2BSF25
392Brandon WorkmanRPBOS31
393Evan Longoria3BSF34
394Kole CalhounOFARI32
395Adrian MorejonSPSD20
396Daniel Vogelbach1BSEA27
397Miles MikolasSPSTL31
398Franchy CorderoOFSD25
399Teoscar HernandezOFTOR27
400Josiah GraySPLAD22
401Tony GonsolinSPLAD25
402Yonny ChirinosSPTB26
403Geraldo PerdomoSSARI20
404Francisco AlvarezCNYM18
405Gilberto JimenezOFBOS19
406Jordan BalazovicSPMIN21
407Daniel EspinoPCLE18
408Jason HeywardOFCHC30
409Cole HamelsSPATL36
410Corey DickersonOFMIA30
411Jared OlivaOFPIT24
412Bayron LoraOFTEX17
413Aaron CivaleSPCLE24
414Jose LeclercRPTEX26
415Dylan BundySPLAA27
416Reynaldo LopezSPCHW26
417Howie Kendrick1B,2BWAS36
418Scooter Gennett2B(N/A)29
419Brayan RocchioSSCLE18
420Abraham Toro3BHOU23
421Michael Toglia1BCOL21
422Alek ManoahSPTOR21
423Pablo LopezSPMIA23
424Monte HarrisonOFMIA24
425Randal GrichukOFTOR28
426Archie BradleyRPARI27
427Johnny CuetoSPSF33
428Estevan FlorialOFNYY22
429Isan Diaz2BMIA23
430Jackson RutledgeSPWAS20
431Stephen PiscottyOFOAK28
432Hanser Alberto2B,3BBAL27
433Willi CastroSSDET22
434Merrill KellySPARI31
435Giovanny GallegosRPSTL28
436Nick LodoloSPCIN21
437Jeff SamardzijaSPSF34
438Khalil LeeOFKC21
439Brailyn MarquezSPCHC21
440Danny JansenCTOR24
441Jose QuintanaSPCHC30
442Kenta MaedaSPLAD31
443Tucupita Marcano2BSD20
444Brian GoodwinOFLAA29
445Leury GarciaOFCHW28
446Dakota HudsonSPSTL25
447Josh LoweOFTB21
448Nathan EovaldiSPBOS29
449Nick MarkakisOFATL36
450Luis RodriguezOFLAD20
451Ke'Bryan Hayes3BPIT22
452Ross StriplingRPLAD30
453Tyler MahleSPCIN25
454Brett Baty3BNYM20
455Seth BrownOFOAK27
456Kevin Cron1BARI26
457Julio TeheranSPLAA28
458Alexander CanarioOFSF19
459Ender InciarteOFATL29
460Asdrubal Cabrera2B,3BWAS34
461Anthony SantanderOFBAL25
462Tom MurphyCSEA28
463Deivi GarciaSPNYY20
464Justin DunnSPSEA24
465Rowdy Tellez1BTOR24
466Harold RamirezOFMIA25
467Chris ArcherSPPIT31
468Brady SingerSPKC23
469Zach PlesacRPCLE24
470Hansel RoblesRPLAA29
471Jake Lamb1B,3BARI29
472Jackson KowarSPKC23
473Raimel TapiaOFCOL25
474Bryse WilsonSPATL22
475Jose GarciaSSCIN21
476Shane McClanahanSPTB23
477Kris BubicSPKC22
478Edward CabreraSPMIA21
479Travis SwaggertyOFPIT22
480Ryan YarbroughSPTB28
481Jonathan India3BCIN23
482Andres GimenezSSNYM21
483Isaac ParedesSSDET20
484Justin Smoak1BMIL33
485Kyle GibsonSPTEX32
486Logan AllenSPCLE22
487Ian KennedyRPKC35
488Randy ArozarenaOFTB24
489Jose GarciaSSCIN21
490Dominic Smith1B,OFNYM24
491Luis MatosOFSF18
492Rick PorcelloSPNYM31
493George KirbySPSEA22
494Jose Peraza2B,SS,OFBOS25
495Jordan YamamotoSPMIA23
496Jon LesterSPCHC35
497Josh ReddickOFHOU32
498Taijuan WalkerSPSEA27
499Harrison BaderOFSTL25
500Emmanuel ClaseRPCLE21